Speed Racer 4 Minute Extended Trailer — Go!!

Speed Racer and Extreme G N64

Have you ever played the old school N64 video game Extreme G? There is a screenshot of it above, on the left. On the right is a screen shot from the trailer of Warner Bros’ upcoming film Speed Racer. Notice any resemblance? Alright, maybe not, but I was certainly transported back to the mid-1990s while watching this 4-minute trailer from the film, back to the days when I used to spend hours on end wearing down N64 controllers like they were made of paper mâché. It appears, at least to me, that The Wachowski Brothers have created a movie that captures that part of my childhood, that tripped out wicked ride that I used to call my Saturday afternoons. And I must say, folks… I’m digging it. If you weren’t sold on Speed Racer prior to this moment, allow this video to finish you off…

[flv:http://media.filmschoolrejects.com/trailers/speedracer4min.flv 470 244]

Speed Racer hits theaters on Friday May 9th.

Video courtesy of Yahoo Movies via Slashfilm.

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