Speculation: David Tennant Might Announce ‘Dr. Who’ Film Involvement at Comic-Con


It’s that time of the day where I extrapolate information to its breaking point from just a few key pieces of information. Let’s see how far-off base I am today.

The key information is as follows:

  • A script is in the works for a feature film with the good Doctor Who
  • David Tennant just announced that he will be at Comic-Con this year alongside Executive Producer Russell Davies to pimp out “Dr. Who.”
  • This pimping out comes after Tennant has ceased to play the role of The Doctor, meaning that they are either appeasing fans by having a cool panel on the show or they are doing that in addition to making some sort of cool announcement regarding the future of the franchise.

I put it to you that it’s likely that Tennant might be announcing something big at the convention. At least, it seems more likely than him hitting the festival just because he’s got some free time on his hands and he loves his fans. I’m sure he digs the Who fans, and all, but why not use the opportunity in front of a huge sympathetic audience to bust out the good news?

At the very least, it seems certain that more news about the feature film will come out in a little over a month during the convention because journalists and bloggers online journalists will be asking questions about it.

What do you think?

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