Sparkly! Rebel Wilson Saddles Up for Lead Role in ‘Unicorn Store’

By  · Published on August 15th, 2012

Rebel Wilson is scary funny. She’s also quite brave – after all, how many other comedians would be game enough to have their big introduction to Hollywood feature them pouring frozen peas on their hideous free back tattoo on the big screen?And how many could make that actually read as funny? (We are speaking, of course, about her breakout supporting role in Bridesmaids.) Also, how many people could make What To Expect When You’re Expecting amusing in the slightest or put some charm into a film I otherwise detested (now we’re talking Bachelorette)? Wilson can! And I’ll follow her career to the ends of the Earth as thank you.

Fortunately, her next role sounds pretty easily followable.

Variety reports that Wilson has snagged the lead role in Unicorn Store, an indie comedy set to be helmed by Cedar Rapids director Miguel Arteta. Not much is known about the film, but we can parse some tidbits from the sparse information we have – first of all, you guys, it’s called Unicorn Store. Come on! We also know that Wilson’s role is billed as “imaginative,” with the film itself being called “quirky” (duh). The script has been penned by Samantha McIntyre, and though it will be her feature debut, her resume includes story editing duties on Bored to Death, which might be the biggest insight of all into the tone and tenure of the film. It will be produced by Mike White and David Bernard, who helped develop the script with McIntyre, who also worked on it at the Sundance Writer’s Lab.

Can this just be a film about Wilson selling unicorns? Please, Hollywood?

Wilson will next be seen in Bachelorette, Pitch Perfect, Pain and Gain, and Super Fun Night (a television movie that may turn into a series, which Wilson also penned).