South American Dictator Digs Oliver Stone’s Latest Movie

By  · Published on September 7th, 2009

Somewhere along the line, Hugo Chavez, the dictator President of Venezuela took time out from giving eight-hour speeches in order to watch South of the Border, the newest film by Oliver Stone.

What was the all-too-compelling subject that caught his attention? Was it animated talking dogs? A retelling of the end of World War II with a baseball bat? Giant Fucking Robots? No, friends, the subject matter that got Chavez to tune in was Hugo Chavez.

Why the film wasn’t titled Hello, President! I do not know, but it would be ten times cooler if it was.

Stone’s flick features a ton of interviews with world leaders – specifically those from South American countries – all talking about Chavez, his history and effect on the region. According to several sources inside Italian media, they claim that the leader/subject matter liked the movie and may actually take Stone up on an invitation to come to the film’s premier in at the Venice International Film Festival.

That’s actually pretty cool. Just, no one let him introduce the film or plan on being there a while.

What do you think? Did you know that South of the Border was also the working title for Beverly Hills Chihuahua? Seriously.

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