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Junkfood Cinema Podcast: Sorceress

By  · Published on June 10th, 2016

Sometimes you have to pay homage to Roger Corman. And by sometimes, we mean all the time.

How do you like your fantasy films? Epic? Romantic? Coherent? Well then this episode of JFC…is not for you. This week, Cargill and I embark on a quest through a brilliant(ly) atrocious, epically (mishandled) sword-and-sorcery(-and-nudity) adventure brought to you by the King of Schlock himself: Roger Corman.

Sorceress is one of Cargill’s deep-fried favorites that very much has to be seen to be believed, because frankly if we were to start talking about floating heads, bat-lions, naked karate twins and masturbating goat men without the context of the movie, you’d probably think we were as drunk on homemade grog (which is mainly paint varnish with a splash of bleach).

Grab your blades, your magic potions, and leave all undergarments behind! It’s time for the parade of weird that is Sorceress!

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