Something wicked this way comes…

Chemical Wedding

It looks like the Brits have something good up their sleeve. Little known director Julian Doyle (Love Potion, 1987) recently released a British thriller titled Chemical Wedding. No, the film isn’t about radioactive mutants entering into the holy bond of matrimony; I know, I checked. In fact, according to the film’s official Web site, Chemical Wedding is about the following:

Cambridge University. Lia, 19, a graduate student, is looking for a scoop for the college newspaper when she learns of an interesting meeting – a joint scientific venture to bring a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality suit from Cal Tech in California to Cambridge to be linked up to the Z93: the biggest, super-conductive computer in the world.

Heading the American team is the suit’s designer, Dr. Joshua Mathers – Lia meets Mathers at the station and there is an immediate attraction between the red-haired student and the handsome physicist. Mathers’ counterpart is Dr. Victor Neuman, the main programmer for the Z93. Neuman is also an obsessive follower of the turn-of-the-century occultist, Aleister Crowley. He has reduced Crowley’s black magic ceremonies to a series of equations and is entering them into the Z93.

Dr. Neuman realizes that the Virtual Reality suit is the ideal vehicle to perform a union between his computer program and the human brain…

You get the picture. A few things to note:
1. Lia is attractive. Lia is a redhead. Enough said.
2. Lia is 19. Mathers is probably a lot older.
3. This sounds a bit like the highly underrated Russell Crow film Virtuosity. Interesting.

Chemical Wedding stars British actors Simon Callow (The Phantom of the Opera, 2004), Kal Weber (Killzone, 2004), and Lucy Cudden. Although it was released in May in the U.K., no release date has yet been determined for the U.S. For more information, including the rest of the plot synopsis (watch out for possible spoilers), visit

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