‘Smurfs’ Set for Sequel, Summer Season Again Staked Out for Cinematic Stupidity

By  · Published on August 9th, 2011

It’s no surprise that Sony Pictures has gone ahead and scheduled the inevitable sequel to The Smurfs (hey, at least they waited until the first film was in theaters). The second Smurf-venture will smurf into theaters on Smurfgust 2, 20smurfteen. Sorry, I got some blue stuck in my throat ‐ The Smurfs sequel (Smurf-quel? Fine, calling it now) will arrive in theaters on August 2, 2013. Smurf on.

The Smurfs beat Cowboys & Aliens during opening weekend, and already stands at a worldwide gross of $135m over just eleven days in release. The film cost an estimated $110m to make, so while that profit margin isn’t huge as of yet, the film will have legs (little tiny ones, clad in little tiny white pants) outside the US, as The Smurfs already opened in first place in twenty-three international markets just last weekend. I have not yet seen the film, because I like to watch films that don’t hurt my eyes or offend my childhood.

There are no other films currently scheduled for the August release date, so it looks like that particular date should remain firmly in their little blue-handed grasps. Thor 2 is scheduled to open the week before, and the only kid-targeted fare currently on deck within a month of the Smurf-quel is Despicable Me 2, reportedly opening on July 3. Just cede control over the Smurfs now (sigh).

The sequel currently only has Jordan Kerner set to return as producer, but I’m willing to hold my breath (until I’m blue in the face) that most of the cast will also come back for second Smurfhelpings. The film starred Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, and Hank Azaria in the live action roles, with Katy Perry, Alan Cumming, George Lopez, Paul Reubens, and Anton Yelchin providing voice talents. Enjoy those paychecks, guys. [Deadline Smurf Village]