Slow, Long Process: ‘The Goon’ Script is Ready for Fincher

By  · Published on November 24th, 2009

One of the last times we really checked in with The Goon, it was back in the days of Aught Eight (if you can remember back that far) when we still let Robert Fure bake his Peyote Lemon Squares.

Oh, Comic Con 2008.

Fortunately, Bloody Disgusting is there to pick up our slack and has learned from the creator/screenwriter’s mouth that the script is done and ready for David Fincher to find a slot in his schedule.

The money quote here:

I just finished writing the script a few months back, and Blur is working on a lot of test stuff. Fincher is working on a film right now, so we’re waiting for him to get some space so we can start showing some of this stuff off. I’m pretty happy with everything so far. We’ve just got to work to get to the next point. This is a slow, long process,” creator Eric Powell said.

That film Fincher is filming right now is The Social Network which seems like a far cry from the adventures of an animated brute thug, a crazed mobster, and a skunk ape. And zombies. And Satan’s Sodomy Baby.

Apparently, Clancy Brown (who you’ll remember as the head asshole guard from Shawshank) and Paul Giamatti (who you’ll remember from trying to buy his soul back from you) are signed on to do voices. One can only speculate what animated mouths those voices will emerge from.

That last sentence sounded sort of suggestive. I apologize.

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