‘Sleeping With Other People’ Recruits Untrustworthy Sex Addicts Jason Sudeikis and Kirsten Dunst

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions has a new comedy coming our way. According to a report from Variety, they’re now backing Bachelorette writer/director Leslye Headland’s new romantic comedy, Sleeping With Other People, which is about a devil may care womanizer and a woman who’s a remorseful serial-cheater getting together and teaching each other about life and stuff. Apparently what first starts off as a platonic relationship based around their shared interest in having sex with as many different people as possible eventually leads to a mutual attraction, and then complication.

Headland having a new movie in the works isn’t the only news here though. Sleeping With Other People also has its stars in place as part of its deal. The same report says that Jason Sudeikis and Kirsten Dunst are all signed to play the promiscuous leads. This, of course, will be Dunst’s second teaming with Headland, as she was also one of the stars of Bachelorette. Sudeikis, for his part, will be working with the director for the first time, but does have quite a bit of experience working with the Gary Sanchez people due to his involvement in things like their HBO show Eastbound & Down and their 2012 comedy The Campaign. Everyone here should feel pretty comfortable working together, which hopefully leads to at least a few more laughs than the just-kind-of-mean-spirited Bachelorette. Headland was a staff writer on the outstanding show Terriers, so there’s definitely a possibility that her feature work could show a whole lot of improvement going forward.

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