Slamdance 2013: Back-Breaking Exclusive Trailer for ‘To The Bone’ Might Have a Secret

To The Bone

Inspired by true events, Erin Li’s Slamdance-premiering short, To The Bone, looks to cut precisely there. The film centers on a young family struggling to make it in America, and the unexpected consequences that arise when the family’s headstrong daughter challenges her back-breaking and bloody life as a child laborer. The film’s first trailer, which we’re pleased to debut exclusively here, is a haunting and lyrical minute that captures the ache and simmering fear of the final product.

Check out the trailer for To The Bone after the break.

The short will have two screenings at Slamdance as part of their Shorts Block program, including a spot during the 10:15AM screening on Friday, January 18th, and one during the 7PM screening on Wednesday, January 23rd.

To The Bone will be released digitally after Slamdance.

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