‘Skyline’ Teaser Rips You Out of Your Seat, Into the Sky

By  · Published on August 10th, 2010

The variable that no one had heard of at Comic-Con was Skyline.

Its footage and panel was a bit bland, but the special effects are the real stand outs. For a shoestring budget, the film has created some indelible images of women’s faces being lased, giant alien ships landing in brilliant blue down to city blocks, and millions of frail little human bodies being pulled up into the air to face what is probably the universe’s worst probing.

Now, the teaser trailer has finally hit for the eyeballs of the masses.

Check it out for yourself:

The film stars Donald Faison (“Scrubs,” “Clone High”) and Eric Balfour (who seems more like a Real World contestant than an actor) as well as newcomer Scottie Thompson and Brittany Daniel.

Taking a similar slant as Cloverfield, a group of partying friends awake from an alcohol-induced crash to find a very deliberate crash of alien ships attacking Los Angeles. The ships are emitting a powerful light that grabs a hold of the human populace and draws them skyward.

The film is directed by the Strause Brothers – who have extensive effects experience on movies from Iron Man 2 to Constantine.

What say you?

Check out Apple for the Hi-Res trailer.

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