Sick Girl: Policing Your Local Theater. The Daily Diversion.

The video PSA above, which was sent over to me by our own lovable blood lover Rob Hunter, reminds me a lot of the pre-movie PSAs that one might see at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. If you’ve been to the Drafthouse then you know what I’m talking about — “Silence Your Cell Phone or George Romero will turn you into the walking dead” and the like.

This PSA features Leslie Andrews as Izzy, the main character in Eben McGarr’s berserk independent horror film Sick Girl. And as you can see, she’s very into a quiet, calm moviegoing experience. Her film however, is anything but calm and quiet as you’ll see from the bonus trailer below. Both videos are courtesy of Twitch Film. Sick Girl will drop on DVD sometime in 2009.

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