Shutter Island Dominates at the Box Office

As expected, Shutter Island was the winner at the box office this weekend. What was not so expected was the margin of victory: it raked in $40 million dollars and finished ahead of Valentine’s Day by an easy $23 million.

Well, I suppose that’s what you can expect when a movie is the sole new wide release of the weekend – it should win, darn it. There is one thing I don’t understand, though, and it is this: Shutter Island represents the best weekend opening ever for both Leonardo DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese.

It’s at this point where I am scratching my head. Scorsese has made legendary movies like Goodfellas and The Departed, Raging Bull and the rest of these classics. Yet it just so happens that he gets his personal best opening in 2010 for Shutter Island, which a lot of people say is a good movie but not one likely to be remembered as one of his greatest classics ever. Some are even saying they didn’t like it at all. Yet it’s his best opening ever and by a large margin, too! There has got to be some big-time ticket price inflation going on at theaters, man, if Shutter Island is able to set the Scorsese record best opening of all time. I can understand it doing better than Goodfellas or Raging Bull because those were made a long time ago, but Shutter Island outpaced The Departed’s opening weekend totals by a good $14 million. And that movie went on to win the Oscar.

And on the subject of DiCaprio, this is my turn to point out that Shutter Island’s opening was better than Titanic’s open by a good $12 million. Which makes no sense, either.

It’s as if we’re at the point where all you need to do to set some sort of box office record is simply make a movie and get it into wide release, and that’s it. Look at Avatar as Exhibit “A” for that statement: its record-setting domestic box office haul is now $687 million, it is closing in on becoming the first movie in history to hit $700 million domestic. Yet the ticket prices for this flick are through the roof because of 3D.

Even Valentine’s Day set a record with $63 million over the four-day President’s Day weekend. Is the TV really that bad these days that the movies are the only option for people? It has to be the ticket prices. In fact, I know that’s the reason, because it really is costing an arm and a leg to go to these multiplexes and see movies on the “big screen” in stadium seating.

Anyway, enough said. My point is simply that it’s getting too ridiculous with these “records” that keep falling every week, and I’m rapidly getting to the point of cynicism about it all. “Another record fell? Which one?! Really?!”

The weekend numbers:

  1. Shutter Island – $40,200,000
  2. Valentine’s Day – $17,160,000
  3. Avatar – $16,100,000
  4. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief – $15,300,000
  5. The Wolfman – $9,846,000
  6. Dear John – $7,300,000
  7. Tooth Fairy – $4,500,000
  8. Crazy Heart – $3,025,000
  9. From Paris with Love – $2,500,000
  10. Edge of Darkness – $2,210,000

Back later this week when we figure out what box office record will fall next here at the Reject Report.

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