Shriekfest 2006: Day 3

Hello again. Film Program 9, comin at ya.

Cruel Logic (

This short was probably the best produced piece of the entire weekend. The only other one that came close was The Showdown, which I loved. This piece simply looked great. It was very Hostel esque and revolved around an intelligent serial killer (a la The Last Horror Movie or Hannibal Lecter) who has kidnapped a local professor who has interesting theories on why serial killers kill, namely, that it’s genetic. If you see this, you’ll recognize the professor as Tony Hale, aka Buster, from Fox’s Arrested Development. It’s super short, and well written and well acted. The production values are very high. If you can catch this somewhere, maybe broadcast on the internet someday, it’s a good few minutes.

Final Grade: B+

Nightmare Man

This feature length was the best feature of the day. It borrowed a bit from Nightmare on Elm Street and a little from films like Rosemary’s Baby and any film where teens are trapped in a cabin and are horny. This film was followed by an entertaining Q&A with the director, producer, composer, director of photography, and one of the actresses. If I can give this film one major piece of credit, it’s that it killed off people you expected to survive.

Basically, a woman is terrified of the “Nightmare Man,” an evil entity that raped her and now lives inside of her. Is the Nightmare Man real or is there a psycho on the loose? Things are not as they appear and the film manages a decent curve ball that is not a total surprise, but not exactly seen coming. The acting is good across the board for the most part and the film, shot on digital, is presented well. Make no mistake, this is still a low budget movie and you can tell, but if you like this type of film, you’ll probably dig on this. It’s definatly not bad. But I don’t think I’d watch it again. Maybe late night on Cable.

All in all, its a pretty decent piece that wont waist your time, but you probably dont need to spend any time hunting it down unless you’re a huge fan of low budget horror.

Final Grade: B-

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