‘Short Term 12’ Director Destin Cretton and Jennifer Lawrence Could Be a Match Made in Heaven

Pretty much as soon as it was announced that Jeannette Walls’ memoir, “The Glass Castle,” was going to be adapted into a feature film, it was also announced that Jennifer Lawrence was attached to star in the prospective project, and the pairing of performer with material made perfect sense. Walls had a strange childhood, consisting of constant moving, dealing with poverty, and having to take care of her siblings due to the extreme irresponsibility of her parents, which basically makes her just the sort of strong-willed, self-reliant character that Lawrence has already been believable playing in things like Winter’s Bone and The Hunger Games. It’s been over a year since this project first started to get put together though, and we’ve heard bupkis about it since, so what gives? Is Jennifer Lawrence going to be the new Jeannette Walls or what?

Take a deep breath, there’s no need to panic, because Variety is reporting that a director for the film is currently being locked down, and the guy they’ve got in negotiations to helm could be just as good a fit for the material as Lawrence. Word is that Short Term 12 director Destin Cretton is in talks to not only come on board to direct the film, but also to give the screenplay – which was originally adapted by Joss Whedon disciple Marti Noxon – a rewrite alongside Andrew Lanham.

For those who haven’t caught it yet, Short Term 12 is an indie film about a center for troubled youths, and it’s absolutely one of the very best movies that’s come out this year. Not only is it touching and insightful while dealing with the issue of childhood traumas and the effects they have on the psyche, but it’s also evidence that Cretton is a true actor’s director. The film is filled with good performances, from top to bottom, even though the director was working with quite a few inexperienced young actors, and the lead performance, given by Brie Larson, is one of the best of the year so far, and is probably a good indication of what Cretton would be able to get out of Lawrence, who has to be seen as one of the other strongest young talents working today, right alongside Larson.

You never actually know how a movie is going to turn out until it’s completed and you sit down and watch it, but on paper this combination of talents and source material makes The Glass Castle look like it’s got all the potential in the world to be a perfect storm of awesome. Let’s hope they’re able to sign Cretton up.

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