Two Old Friends Ruminate on Life, Death, and Condiments in ‘Gravy’

By  · Published on March 3rd, 2017

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Starring Matt Walsh and Rich Fulcher.

“No other word will do. For that’s what it was./Gravy./Gravy, these last ten years.”

Those are the opening lines of Raymond Carver’s poem “Gravy.” Carver, better known as one of the greatest short story writers of the 20th century (see Altman’s Short Cuts for filmic proof), wrote this shortly after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Instead of wallowing in his fate, Carver instead gave thanks for the last decade of his life, during which he had pulled himself out of a crippling alcohol addiction, married the love of his life, and produced some of his greatest work. The poem is about celebrating what you have instead of pining over what you never will, it’s about appreciating the beauty of the present moment, however many of them remain.

It’s also the jumping off point for Gravy, a short film written by Joe O’Brien and Mike Postalakis and directed by Postalakis that stars comedians Matt Walsh (Veep) and Rich Fulcher (The Mighty Boosh) as a pair of old friends who get together at a diner for “a late night rumination on life, death and condiments.”

Coming off like an absurd version of My Dinner with Andre, like that film Gravy is anchored by performance, from the restrained fluster of Walsh to the unapologetic individualism of Fulcher. Gravy takes some philosophical twists and turns along the way, and overall it is a funny and strangely-affirming short that will have you stopping to smell the roses – or the gravy – in your own life.

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