Short Film: ‘Villainous’ Is the Superhero Short We Deserve

By  · Published on August 20th, 2013

Why Watch? If you’ve got a hankering for a new (and decidely more dark) spin on the Toy Story-pioneered “toys come to life!” genre and you’re in need of a sweet little slice of superheroics, Paul ConstantakisVillainous is the short film you’ve been waiting for. In a minimum amount of time, Costantakis lays out some very funny and very pointed visuals, all thanks to some of cinema’s worst villains…well, in toy form, at least. It seems as if someone is taking out the worst baddies of your classic childhood bedroom, and doing it with flash and flair. But who?

Take a look, and just wait for that heroic reveal.

What Will It Cost? About 3 minutes.

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Thanks to Alex D. for sending this one over from io9!