Short Film: Travel the Mind with ‘Fellows in the Woods’

By  · Published on July 11th, 2013

Why Watch? Your sense of childlike wonder needs a new lease on life. Something interesting is happening in the world of animation, particularly with short films. There’s a hearkening back to old Hollywood cartoons, at least in the sense that many animators are combining images of childhood and talking animals. Yet the affinity ends there. These filmmakers, Laura Carton included, are bringing darker and more contemplative themes into their work while at the same time playing with some of the basic principles of animation. The work of Julia Pott is another excellent example, and Osman Cerfon’s Sticky Ends series is related.

Fellows in the Woods is the story of a boy out on his own, traveling with a mysterious beast. The journey twists and turns with a brisk ease, traveling great lengths through time and memory in only five minutes. It breaks its own laws of physics, or rather simply exists without them. This is a cartoon of the youthful mind, resolutely independent and imaginative.

What Will It Cost? Just about 5 minutes.

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