Short Film Of The Day: Slash-in-the-Box


Why Watch? This is just a bit of hellish fun.

There’s no pretense to this short film. It’s a recipe stewed together to create something creepy, cobbled together from comedy and horror films of all kinds. The off-putting old toy? The busty blonde in her sleeping gear? The idiot going down to check a noise in the middle of the night? It’s no big surprise what happens here, but there’s something deeply satisfying about it all. It’s almost like writer/director Nick Everhart is slamming his fist down on the table with a smirk here to prove he knows how to construct a classic slasher with an absurd killer.

What does it cost? Just 5 minutes of your time.

Check out the trailer for Slash-In-The-Box for yourself:


Trust us. You have time for more short films.

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