Short Film Friday: Zack Snyder’s ‘Snow Steam Iron’

By  · Published on September 22nd, 2017

Snyder brings the heat to a snowy period piece.

The auteur of modern slow-mo, Zack Snyder has had a rough few years. Personally and professionally, the guy’s faced a lot of hardship, stepping back from the public light (and large projects like Justice League) accordingly to spend time with his family.

DC’s franchise wunderkind seems to have taken this scaled-back strategy to heart in his filmmaking, releasing a new short film that he and “a small group of friends and family” made over a few days with an iPhone and their combined years of experience. Snyder’s usual overblown, overbearing, and over-testosterone’d style is curtailed a bit here, embracing the striking images (and lack of dialogue) that made him famous though still failing to find much substance in its brief flirtation with pornography, abuse, and violence.

Snow Steam Iron is only available through the third party app Vero, which requires a sign up through an email account and is a pain in the ass. This distribution model is extremely strange, with Snyder’s film being hard to find on an app that paid him to make it, and after jumping through all the hoops, I’m sure it’s not worth it.

If you’re still interested, however, you can follow the link here to learn more.

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