Short Film Friday: The Americana Tragedy of ‘Silo: Edge of the Real World’

By  · Published on September 22nd, 2017

Interrogating the Midwest is a favorite film pastime.

The cornfields and assumed simplicity of flyover country makes it one of the prime locations for horror films. Silo: Edge of the Real World isn’t one of them. It’s a short documentary, a day-in-the-life drama, that captures a town and its relationships with a deft hand and a knack for resonating tones.

Farm life becomes very real; so do its people; so do its losses. Director Marshall Burnette mixes interview and image into a grain-fed, all-American doc full of meat and specificity. It never shies away from its subject’s details and its aesthetic, making the film feel like it has cohesive and meaningful insight into a region so many have tried to capture.

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