Short Film: Abstract ‘Joke’ Makes Comedy Icons Grotesque

Joke Short Film

Why Watch? Don’t be turned off by its experimental nature. This short film from Nickolas Duarte (who has “art” right there in his name) is the real deal when it comes to delivering a unique perspective that challenges the way we think about icons that have been frozen stiff in our minds for decades. Chattering teeth and squirting flowers haven’t been funny for years, but they still stand as shorthand for “humor,” and Joke tears that inertia-based perception out by the roots.

Shot with gorgeous, angular precision and aided by the booming perfection of voice over artist Kevin Yon, it puts rubber chickens and Groucho glasses on a pedestal just to knock them down. Or just to pour worms all over them. Like I said, it’s experimental.

The process of subverting these famous images is uncomfortable work, but the glib queasiness of it all is ultimately in service of a poignant punchline.

What Will It Cost? About 3 minutes.

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