Short of the Day: Witness a Stop-Motion World Record in ‘Gulp’

The biggest such set ever utilized.
By  · Published on August 25th, 2017

The biggest such set ever utilized.

Stop-motion animation never fails to amaze me. The sheer amount of effort it takes to make even a minute of stop-motion is impressive enough, but when it’s in the right hands – like those of Henry Selick (Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline) or Nick Park (Wallace & Gromit) – it is downright magical, a combination of the fantastical aspects of animation and a plausible verisimilitude at home in the real world.

Most stop-motion, as you know, is done on a miniature scale, it’s far easier to manipulate the objects that way. But for the animators at Sumo Science at Aardman Studios (the home of Wallace, Gromit, and Park), bigger was better. What you’re about to witness isn’t just a fabulous feat of stop-motion animation, it’s also a world record. Gulp is the film and the record is for the largest stop-motion animation set in history. See, instead of confining themselves to a studio and tiny models, Sumo Science took the shores of Pendine Beach in South Wales and made use of 11,000 square feet of sand and surf for their tale of a fisherman going about his daily catch, with, of course, a twist.

The final product is every bit as impressive as it sounds, so without further ado, belly up to the beach and enjoy.

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