Short of the Day: Sandman Gets Another Fan-Film Treatment in ‘Black Sand’

Finders aren’t keepers.
By  · Published on August 22nd, 2017

Finders aren’t keepers.

At the beginning of this month I brought you a fan-made Sandman movie called 24-Hour Diner; it wasn’t official but it was canon, and it had a stamp of approval from Neil Gaiman himself, Sandman’s creator, so it was a close to official as we’ve ever gotten. You guys loved it, so when I found the following in my inbox, I knew I had to pass it along as well.

It’s called Black Sand and it comes from writer-director Bernhard Pucher, who’s adapted his story from issue #3 of the Sandman Vertigo series, “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” In it, our hero Morpheus (Dream) is on a quest to regain his pilferer pouch of magical sand. Like the previous film, Pucher’s manages to capture the exact feel and aesthetic of Gaiman’s realm without the aid of extravagant effects, just good old-fashioned storytelling prowess.

Between Black Sand and 24-Hour Diner, we now have fan films of two of the first eight Sandman stories, or one-quarter of the Preludes and Nocturnes arc; it’d be cool as hell to see a fan-film for every part. Know of any? Send them my way. If Hollywood won’t make a Sandman feature, we’ll just have to cobble one together ourselves.

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