‘Cuck’ is an Awkward Comedy of Sexual Spice Gone Awry

By  · Published on February 15th, 2017

Short of the Day

Your after-Valentine’s Day reality check.

Yesterday’s Short of the Day was all about love, so today I thought we’d detour into one all about sex, specifically the drastic and in this case awkwardly hilarious lengths couples will go to in order to keep their sex lives fresh and exciting.

And yeah, though there’s no nudity or overtly foul language, this one’s NSFW.

It’s called Cuck and it comes from co-writer/director Adam Tyree, an up-and-coming Jack-of-all-filmmaking trades. The subject here, if the title doesn’t clue you in, is cuckolding, or when a monogamous couple invites a third person into the bedroom for the purposes of fornicating with one of the partners while the other watches. In the instance of our film, the couple is Emily (Rachel Alig) and Colton (Jake Brown), and the third party is Tim (Jeremy Christian), there to spice things up by getting it on with Emily.

Now, I did say that Cuck was NSFW, but I didn’t say it was sexy because it isn’t, not at all, and therein is the root of its awkward but likely accurate humor. Fantasies never translate into reality the way we want them to, and in fact sometimes they flat-out crash and burn, as they do here, with uncomfortably captivating results.

So if yesterday oversaturated you with the sweetness of love, allow Cuck to sour you back to balanced with more than a few chuckles along the way.

I found this at the most-excellent site Short of the Week.

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