Short Circuit Coming to Blu-ray May 20

There are a few things from the 1980’s that I would like to remember. My first birthday, the first time I kissed a girl, Ghostbusters and of course, Short Circuit. I get the feeling that Short Circuit star Steve Guttenberg would agree. With the obvious exception of his producer/director/writer/star vehicle P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, Gutes hasn’t been doing much since the mid 80’s. It is sad, really.

But while the feature film prowess of Steve Guttenberg might not ever be what it was back then, we will still be able to enjoy his formidable years in glorious high definition. TV Guide’s David Lambert is reporting that Imagine Entertainment is bringing the 1986 classic, about a military robot that escapes from the Defense Department after he gets hit by an electrical storm and begins to think for himself, to BD in late-May. Guttenberg plays his designer who tries to track him down before the military can destroy him. Ally Sheey (Wargames, The Breakfast Club) also starred. And for the record, she was looking hot.

The really cool part about this is that the Blu-ray release of Short Circuit is set for May 20, about a month before Pixar releases Wall-E, another film about a cute robot. Sure, Johnny 5 talked (at length) and all Wall-E does is “blip” and “boop” around, but you can see where they are alike, right? Seeing Short Circuit again, this time in high definition, will be good prep for me, as I am just now warming up to Wall-E. Needless to say, I’ve now got May 20 marked on my calendar.

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