Shockingly, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Will Again Portray Awkward On-Screen Love Interests in…

By  · Published on March 26th, 2013

Shockingly, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Will Again Portray Awkward On-Screen Love Interests in ‘Blended’

Lately, when we hear the words “new Adam Sandler movie,” they ultimately prove to be followed by some horrifying, bottom barrel plotline that makes us regret ever considering ourselves a fan of the funny man (sorry, Sandler, I still remember That’s My Boy), but for all the Just Go With Its and Grown Ups (and its upcoming sequel), Sandler can still charm the hell out of an audience with stuff like Fifty First Dates and The Wedding Singer. The continuing thread between such fare? Co-star Drew Barrymore.

So, it is with some excitement that we reveal news about a new Sandler/Barrymore pairing that actually sounds charming, romantic, and – get this – mature.

Moviehole passes along a ton of information about the film (via /Film), including that it will reunite the pair with Wedding Singer director Frank Coraci, that it features a script by Ivan Menchell and Claire Sera, with revisions from Sandler and Tim Herlihy, and that is will film in Georgia and South Africa. Wait – South Africa? That’s right, because with Blended, Barrymore and Sandler are going on safari…with kids.

The film’s official synopsis reveals:

Recently divorced mother of two boys, LAUREN REYNOLDS, and widowed father of three girls, JIM FRIEDMAN, have a disastrous blind date that puts them off dating for the foreseeable future. However, when the two purchase a discount “Familymoon” vacation from Lauren’s best friend and business partner, JEN, they wind up at an African resort with their kids in tow. Initially acrimonious, their relationship skews, gradually and irresistibly, towards romance…Producer is committed to diverse, inclusive casting. Submissions for nondescript roles will be accepted for all performers, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, or disability, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.

So it’s a bit like a modern Brady Bunch? Sandler, you might still have a fan here.

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