She’s Got Class and Style: Anna Kendrick Sings ‘No Diggity’ In an Empty Pool and It’s Wonderful

By  · Published on August 11th, 2012

Stop it, Anna Kendrick. Just stop it. You’re in danger of making everyone on Earth fall in love with you and/or want to be your best friend forever. And this? This is just too much. This is simply untoward. First, you go ahead and decide to star in a film that’s about college a capella groups. Then you apparently actually sing in the film (imagine that!). Then you sing no less than Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” in an empty pool and allow that clip to be released on the Internet for everyone to see, adore, and play on repeat.

Stop it. Or just become my best friend forever. Okay? Seems fair.

We might have to wait a couple more months to see Kendrick as awkward-college-freshman-turned-reluctant-a-capella-star Beca in Pitch Perfect but, until then, we have this unthinkably charming clip of Kendrick and her cohorts singing songs about S-E-X in an empty pool. Good lord!

Pitch Perfect opens on October 5th. This one is for the playettes. [The Wrap, via The Playlist]

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