Shenanigans: Matthew McConaughey in Thundercats: The Movie

Thundercats Movie LogoThe most we’ve heard recently about a Thundercats movie is that Tyrese Gibson has been very involved in trying to bring the classic animated show to the big screen. When our friends at Coming Soon asked him which character he’d be playing, he said that there were a number of options on the table.

And as interesting as that is, this article has absolutely nothing to do with the real Thundercats movie currently set to see theater time in 2010. This is all about a faux production created in the minds of a few fans. Sometime back in the 90s, circa 97/98, a poster for Thundercats: The Movie began circulating around the fledgling interwebs. In fact, to this day a website called is still hosting information about this project that never was, including an interview with a producer and an article about how the producer and director battled with the MPAA over sexually explicit scenes between Lion-O (Matthew McConaughey) and Cheetarah (Tea Leoni). The poster, which can be seen below in all its glory, also showed Ed Harris as Mumm-Ra, Wesley Snipes as Panthro and David Carradine as Tigra. If that wasn’t enough to make you giggle, check out the poster.

Thundercats Movie Poster

The real Thundercats movie is currently being developed by director Jerry O’Flaherty, who previously served as Art Director on the popular video game “Gears of War.” The film is being developed at Warner Bros. with It’s Alive scribe Paul Sopocy on to pen the screenplay. They are shooting for a 2010 release date, but nothing is certain at this point.

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