Sharon Stone and Carice Van Houten Seek ‘Satisfaction’

by Bethany Perryman


What do having sex with Sharon Stone, having sex with Carice Van Houten, and having sex for money have in common? I’ll give you a hint, and it’s not having sex: these two actresses will play the women a British gigolo is torn between in the newest indie drama, Satisfaction. The film will begin production in early 2010, and is to be directed by Anya Camilleri (Ny-Lon). Variety reports that John Evangelides (A Good Woman) and Cerise Hallam Larkin (I Could Never Be Your Woman) will produce, and Simon Burke (The Picture of Dorian Gray, Liverpool, Ny-Lon) is spearheading the script.

For an indie film, these are two hard-hitting leading ladies. Stone will play a cougar caught in a love triangle with her gigolo and his younger woman, played by Van Houten. Stone, who is 51 and single, doesn’t mind playing a cougar, but made it pretty clear at the Hamptons Film Festival that she doesn’t want to be one. (To which I say False. You’re Sharon Stone. You’re the definition of cougar.) An interesting tidbit from the New York Daily News describes Stone’s tenuous relationship with the term:

“I’ve been corresponding with Anya Camilleri [the director] and we’ve been looking at historical paintings where the concept ‘cougar’ was depicted to try and see where it came from,” Stone said to The News’ Debbie Tuma Sunday during a talk at Sag Harbor’s Bay Street Theater as part of the Hamptons Film Festival. “I think “cougar” is a way to make it appear as women are looking at their men as prey, and gaining something from it. Like when men are enhancing their own virility by going out with younger women. Why,” Stone asked a tittering audience “is there not a term for older men with younger women?”

While the mother-of-three didn’t reference Demi or Madonna, she got a big laugh when she talked about Hollywood’s most iconic cougar: “I don’t think Mrs. Robinson was a cougar ‐ I think she was a woman having a breakdown, and it was played wonderfully.”

Satisfaction begins shooting in the first quarter of 2010, in the UK.

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