There’s a Sharknado 4. This Time It’s Magic Mike vs. Sharks.


No, really…

Above you will see the trailer for Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, the Star Wars-leeching title of the next entry in the too-long running schlockbuster franchise that resides on the SyFy network. The fourth entry of “Sharks flying through the air in landlocked states” will involve such talents as Tara Reid, Stacey Dash, David Hasselhoff, and Gary Busey. Set in Las Vegas, this one promises to add sex appeal (and hopefully a mob plot involving a loan shark – get it?) to a franchise that has already figured out its formula.

Among the trailer’s many charms is this little gem, in which a Magic Mike meets Chippendales flunky punches a shark in the face with his man-bits. What should we call this? A reverse dick-punch? A literal cock block? The Vulcan Junk Swat?

Whatever it’s called, I’m not buying it.

I will give Sharknado 4 this much credit: those sharks don’t look any less fake than they did the first three times around. Plus, I’d rather watch this than the latest Adam Sandler Netflix movie. Time to fire up the old SyFy app on my Apple TV when this one drops on July 31.

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