‘Sex Tape’ Red Band Trailer: This Movie Will Be Dated a Week After Release

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Columbia Pictures

A couple weeks ago on an episode of the Broken Projector podcast, Scott and Geoff discussed movies that became dated by the technology on display, particularly if that tech was integral to the plot. I could only think of them doing a follow-up piece while watching the new Red Band trailer for Sex Tape. The comedy, which stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as a couple who accidentally share their three-hour personal porn with all their friends and family and bosses, is so filled with references to iPads, the Cloud, Siri and Macbooks that not only do I feel the whole thing was financed by Apple but that it resembles a landfill from 2017 – not necessarily a physical one but a garbage dump of culture. These are things that eventually will be outdated, and when that happens, this movie is going to resemble You’ve Got Mail.

Only without the sweetness that is making that AOL commercial of a movie celebrated after 15 years (can you imagine a You’ve Got Mail Red Band trailer?). Sex Tape is, instead, a raunchy comedy with plenty of intercourse, cocaine usage, animal cruelty and I bet Segel’s balls wind up on screen at some point, too. It’s also about people with enough money to give out iPads as gifts to everyone they know – see, the way their sex tape is shared with everyone from grandma to Robs Corddry and Lowe (he’s Diaz’s boss) is that it’s uploaded to the Cloud and rained down onto all those tablets that were handed out. Anyone that rich should just go to everyone and slip them a hundred bucks to borrow the gift they gave. Or, umm, just be honest about their being an inappropriate mistake that can they please erase.

But honest and logic rarely seem to be options in comedies of this nature. I also don’t know how all the tech works in this situation, but I would think it a bad idea in general to gift tablets that are in any way whatsoever connected to your own computers and therefore seemingly would mean those people are on some shared account with you anyway. Hopefully they can make it work so that instead of merely being a dated tech farce that looks ridiculously uncool in months if not weeks, it can be a satirical look at this period in time when everyone was (a.) constantly plugged in, using some kind of internet-capable device and (b.) not always comprehensive of all the technology involved in that usage.

Siri jokes aside, you will probably still want to watch the NSFW trailer for Sex Tape in order to see: Cameron Diaz nearly naked, Cameron Diaz in roller skates and panties, Jason Segel in bikini briefs, a German Shepherd getting thrown across the room by a treadmill and a handful of swears that are really the only NSFW part of the thing. In addition to the two stars and the Robs, you’ll see split seconds of each of the following typically funny supporting cast members: Ellie Kemper, Kumail Nanjiani and Segel’s old Freaks and Geeks co-star Dave Allen. Speaking of reunions, Diaz and Segel also re-team with their Bad Teacher director Jake Kasdan here.