‘Seventh Son’ Shots Show First Look at Jeff Bridges as a Spook, Julianne Moore as a Mother

Jeff Bridges in Seventh Son

As we all know, any seventh son born of a seventh son is given incredible powers at birth, and it’s that concept that novelist Joseph Delaney culled for his fantasy series “The Wardstone Chronicles.” Warners is turning the first book in that series – “The Spook’s Apprentice” – into a feature film (with hopes to launch a new young adult hit), and they’ve released new images from the October-bound movie.

That’s Jeff Bridges playing a Spook named Master Gregory who is teaching Thomas (Ben Barnes) how to battle evil, which is pictured below in the form of Julianne Moore as Mother Malkin. You think they’d want to avoid propagating vicious stereotypes against gingers, but apparently they’re comfortable with it.

Julianne Moore in Seventh Son

Isn’t it incredible how creepy someone can look when you shave their eyebrows off? She looks like Voldemort and Lindsay Lohan copulated on top of a stack of Weekly World News issues with Bat Boy on the cover, and then gave the child to Criss Angel to raise.

So, great job design team. Moore looks terrifying and otherworldly.

Of course, we’ll be looking forward to the tense battle between Mother Malkin and Master Gregory where she demands that he return a sentimentally-valued rug and suggests a thorough doctor for him to see about his jaw.

The Seventh Son hits October 2013.

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