Seth McFarlane Comedy Picks Up Community College Attendee Joel McHale

The Family Guy creator’s funny looking upcoming comedy Ted just got funnier looking. Joining such names as Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and Giovanni Ribisi will be the star of the much lauded and loved NBC sitcom Community, Joel McHale. You might also know him as the handsome yet goofy host of The Soup. Or maybe you’ve seen him touring around out on the standup circuit. Look, point is that Joel McHale has a lot of jobs. He’s a funny man.

McHale joins the cast playing the unsavory boss of Kunis’ character. He reportedly spends much of the film making inappropriately forward come-ons to Kunis. And who among us could blame him? Usually when we see McHale on screen he is playing some version of likable, or at the very least he is a cad with a whole lot of charm. It will be interesting to see him really sleaze it up playing a character that sounds like a villain and see what kind of humor he can create with that. Being a member in good standing of the Church of McHale, I have faith that he will produce good things. And while I haven’t bothered to watch The Family Guy in years, the more I’m hearing about this raunchy teddy bear movie, the more I’m starting to think that it could be something good. I just wonder who’s running all of McFarlane’s hundreds of Fox cartoons while he’s away.

Source: Deadline Greendale

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