Seth Gordon’s Mr. Romance is King of Kong Meets Slumdog Millionaire

Variety is reporting today that The King of Kong and Four Christmases director Seth Gordon’s next project, a comedy entitled Mr. Romance, has been optioned by New Regency. And upon doing some investigation into the matter, I came to find the following plot description:

“…a comedy about a cynical guy who is forced to enter the Mr. Romance competition to win back the love of his life. The competition, which finds hunks whose photos grace the bodice-ripping covers of romance novels, is a real event.”

Now, if you are wondering about the parallels that I chose to draw in my headline, allow me to chart this course below.

King of Kong (directed by Gordon): Take a real event that sounds silly, such as the Donkey Kong world record, and make it into an intensely dramatic underdog story.

Slumdog Millionaire (arguably the best film of 2008): The lead character, who is likely so lovable that it’s sickening, does something ridiculous and non-traditional in order to win back the love of his life.

See how I did that?

All kidding aside, I can’t help but be a little excited for anything that Seth Gordon is working on. He surprised a lot of people with how geniunely funny Four Christmases was, and it goes without saying that King of Kong is one of my favorite films of the decade. My only fan requirement is that Mr. Romance includes, like Four Christmases before it, a Steve Weibe cameo.

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