Serinda Swan: Tron 2.0 To Include Sexy Digital Temptresses


There’s nothing like a slow-ish news day. Sometimes it is an abysmal bore, sucking the life out of Reject HQ faster than the black hole upon which we’ve parked our colony of human-machine hybrid beings, and sometimes it allows us to branch out and find some real gems. This one should go down as a gem, as it involves two things that we are anxiously looking forward to: TRON 2.0 and sex.

In an interview with TV Guide, super hot model and new Smallville castmember Serinda Swan (pictured above) talked briefly about her role in the upcoming TRON sequel, which is being directed by Joseph Kosinski. When asked about the project, Swan explained that “Beau Garrett (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer), these two other actresses and I play temptresses from inside the computer world. We’re sort of the main guy’s go-to girls. There are lights actually sewn into our wardrobe, so it’s like nothing you’ve seen before!”

This certainly might add an interesting element to TRON 2.0. We can only assume, based on the most recent story details published earlier this month by Ain’t It Cool News, that Swan is referring to Jeff Bridges’ character Kevin Flynn as the “main guy.” The recent details say that Flynn has been back inside the game for some 20 years (since the time of the first film) and has been waging war with aggressive computer programs. Meanwhile his son, played by Friday Night Lights and Death Sentence star Garrett Hedlund, has found his mothballed old arcade and found a way into the game in attempt to find and rescue his father, whose been missing since he was 7-years old.

Then again, do all of these “story details” really matter? This news is great news — some “main guy” in the film employs several hot digital temptresses who will carry out sexy, devious plots on light cycles and light jets. They also may have big disc fight at some point. This definitely appeals to the misogynistic side of me. And since the geek side of me is already in, that pretty much completes the puzzle necessary to have me super-excited about this film. As of now, TRON 2.0 is scheduled for a 2011 release. We also expect a full trailer to be shown later this year at the San Diego Comic-Con in July.

One final note, for those of you who don’t remember what Beau Garrett looks like:


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