Semi-Pro: A Tribute to Jackie Moon

Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro

I feel as if I am developing some sort of personal relationship with the upcoming Will Ferrell sports comedy Semi-Pro. Not in a long time have I written so much about a film before it’s release as I have this month for the upcoming fro’d out funk-a-thon. I should stop; I wouldn’t want Juno to get jealous.

But I can’t stop, you see. Everything about the month leading up to the release of Semi-Pro on February 29 has me feeling really funky. And its not the kind of funky that usually follows a trip to BW3 and precedes a long stay in the men’s room getting to know the toilet; its the kind of funky that makes me wish I could grow a fro and get my groove on. Only, I don’t know if I’d be down for the tight pants. Those just don’t work.

On a side note, if you didn’t catch my little piece at the end of the week last week about Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die Comedy Tour, check that out here. It’s a good read. So good in fact that Amy Rogers of FunnyOrDie linked to my on the FOD Blog. Thanks Amy. Just let me know how you want that payment made. I can still do credit, cash, check or goat.

That said, let’s get on with what brought you to this article. Below you will find a funky tribute to the star of Semi-Pro, Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell). As you can see, Moon is the Owner/Coach/Star of the Flint Tropics. But as you can imagine, there is a lot more to him than basketball.

Thanks to FirstShowing for giving us the scoop on this video.

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