Selena Gomez is a ‘Hot Mess’

Franklin Leonard’s “Black List” has become pretty infamous over the years. It’s his yearly compilation of all of the best scripts that are floating around Hollywood and not being produced. Often times, appearing on this list can be the difference between a script that keeps getting passed from hand to hand without really being read and a script that gets an actual look from a studio and starts to get some money behind it. Some of the movies that appeared on the 2010 list that are now in various states of development include Margin Call, Argo, Gangster Squad, and The Hunger Games, among others. Now there’s one more script to be added to the pile of Black List greenlights; Jenni Ross’s Hot Mess.

Leonard’s description of Hot Mess is as follows, “Four girlfriends make, and then break, a list of rules devised to get the guys of their dreams and discover their inner hot messes in the process.” Endgame Entertainment is the company that has put the movie into production and they’ve hired The Hitcher director Dave Meyers to helm. But the big news, and the bit of the story that makes it seem like this movie is actually going to happen, is that they’ve attached Selena Gomez to star as one of the four girls. Usually the big piece of the puzzle that starts procuring a potential film funding is a big star attaching themselves to the project, and in Gomez Endgame has found themselves not only a girl who came out of the Disney machine of mega-celebrities, but also the girl who is currently burning up the tabloids by dating The Bieber. Just saying his name is enough to send throngs of tween girls running, screaming in your direction. Bieber.

Look out for this one, as it’s inclusion on the Black List means that it’s possibly a film of some substance, and the attachment of Selena Gomez, at the height of her extra-curricular infamy, means that the production will probably be high profile. Now to figure out if this girl can actually act. Did anyone see Monte Carlo? [Deadline Stratford]

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