Hawkeye Premiere Explained

Is ‘Hawkeye’ Leading Us to ‘Blade’?


One of the Disney+ series’ supporting characters suggests the vampiric future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Daniel Radcliffe In Swiss Army Man

The Delirious Imaginarium of Daniel Radcliffe


The daring performer’s robust dramatic finesse accompanies an enthusiasm for eccentricity. Somewhere in between, magic happens.

The Great Season 2

‘The Great’ is a Violent Delight


FSR chief television critic Valerie Ettenhofer reviews Season 2 of Hulu’s quasi-historical series, calling the return ruthless, funny, and relentlessly entertaining.

Black And Missing Hbo

‘Black and Missing’ Highlights a Media Blindspot and its Consequences


We review the HBO documentary series, which follows the Black and Missing Foundation in its efforts to spread awareness about missing persons of color.

The Wheel Of Time

After Years of Anticipation, ‘The Wheel of Time’ Falls Flat


FSR chief television critic Valerie Ettenhofer says it’s hard to engage with Amazon’s new high fantasy series thanks to its middling CGI and overstuffed mythology.

Succession Dinner Scene

The Camera of ‘Succession’ Wants a Seat at the Table


The camerawork in ‘Succesion’ would be deemed “imperfect” in other contexts. Here’s why it serves the show’s narrative without you even knowing it.

Dexter New Blood

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Delivers The Same Old Thrills


The sequel season of the popular serial killer thriller isn’t saying anything new, but it is entertaining.

Book Of Boba Fest Trailer

‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Could Finally Free Us From The Skywalkers


The trailer is a gangster’s paradise without a single lightsaber or Jedi in view. Can ‘Star Wars’ finally allow such a thing?

True Detective Who Goes There

Re-entering the Void with the Best Episode of ‘True Detective’


The surreal HBO series’ first-season midpoint — “Who Goes There?” — careens into epically cinematic chaos.