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Italian Horror

10 Primo Italian Supernatural Horror Films


For the last time: ‘Suspiria’ is not a giallo!

Non Xmas Horror

10 Best Non-Xmas Holiday Horror Movies


We’re still waiting for a big-screen adaptation of Mad Magazine’s masterful Arbor Day story — Google it — so for now you’ll have to settle for 10 other holiday slashers.


10 Grand Hagsploitation Horror Movies


No wire hangers, just 10 great psycho-biddy thrillers.

Horror Movie Doomed Teenagers

10 Fun Horror Movies With Doomed Youngsters


Some of these kids probably deserved it. You know we’re right.

Horror Movie Taboo

10 Great Horror Films That Embraced Taboo


One, two, Taboo’s coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Not you, Regan.

Eco Horror

10 Environmentally Eerie Eco-Horrors


Because there’s nothing scarier than the way we’ve messed up the planet.

horror movie Needle Drop

10 Greatest Horror Movie Needle Drops


Nothing sets the mood — even if it’s a scary one — like the perfect song choice.

Korean Horror

10 Best Korean Horror Movies


While South Korea is primarily known for producing kick-ass action/revenge movies, what this list presupposes is… maybe they also make fantastic horror films?

Horror Objects

10 Horror Movie Objects That Will F*cking Kill You


From beds with a thirst for blood to deadly gym equipment, these are our favorite objects that moonlighted as the killer.