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Binge Header Twilight Zone

‘The Twilight Zone’ Is The Original Binge Watch


You’ve been binge watching the classic show before you even knew what binge watching was!

One Perfect Binge Header

The Quest to Find The One Perfect Binge Begins


What is the most perfectly bingeable TV show ever? We aim to find out with our new series and bracket project.

Horror Hysteria

10 Horror Movies That Caused Hysteria


Warning: This list contains content that isn’t suitable for the faint-hearted.

Italian Bloody Horror

10 Best Italian Gut Muncher Horror Movies


These films are a real munch to the gut.


10 Fancy Feasts of Catsploitation


The cat’s dead, but we got the details now.

Home Invasion Horror

10 Home Invasion Horror Movies To Watch Alone At Night


Settle in for a cozy movie night and make sure your doors are locked.

Horror Poc Made

10 Great North American Horror Movies By Directors of Color


Some of the best horror movies out there have been made by filmmakers of color.

Slow Burn Horror

10 Simmering Slow-burn Horror Movies to Boil Your Blood


Something’s burning on the stove, and it smells good.