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Binge Header Breaking Bad

It’s Time to Rewatch ‘Breaking Bad’


There’s never a bad time to click “play” on the show that redefined modern television.

Binge Header Deadwood

Escape to ‘Deadwood’ and Stay Awhile


Thanks to ‘Deadwood: The Movie,’ this forerunner of peak TV is now prime binge material.

Binge Header Broadchurch

‘Broadchurch’ and Binging Through the Bad


Olivia Colman and a strong foundational first season keep the ups and downs of this UK series worthy of plowing through.

Binge Header Nathan For You

‘Nathan for You’ Is Weird, Addictive Comedy Gold


The show contains some of the most cringe-inducing moments of reality-based television, yet still manages to be humane and full of heart.

Binge Header Orphan Black

‘Orphan Black’ And The Spectacular Range of Tatiana Maslany


We don’t know who needs to hear this, but no one has this range.

Binge Header Seinfeld

Why ‘Seinfeld’ Still Holds Up


The seminal sitcom isn’t only still relevant, it’s needed more than ever.

Binge Header The Good Place

We’ll Always Deserve ‘The Good Place’


Michael Schur’s well of high-concept soulfood is the perfect binge watch for the bad, medium, and best of times.

Binge Header Buffy

Why ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Is the Perfect Binge Watch


The blend of standalone episodes with overarching storylines makes for some unpredictable and exciting television.

Binge Header Hannibal

‘Hannibal’ Is A Perfect Combination of Horror, Erotic Thriller, and Crime Drama


You won’t want to look away from exquisite corpses in ‘Hannibal.’