Category: Reviews

‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Review: Peter Jackson Brings WWI To Life In This Extraordinary Colorized Documentary (LFF)

Far from being a gimmick, the colorization of First World War footage in Peter Jackson's new documentary restores that moment…

‘Rabbit’ Review: Running Towards the Unexpected

Surprise. Australia is still the world's most dangerous place.

‘Happy New Year, Colin Burstead’ Review: A Violence-Free Ben Wheatley Movie is Born (LFF)

Ben Wheatley's holiday drama is almost nothing like his previous work.

‘The Inhabitant’ Review: A Blisteringly Fresh Possession Film (Toronto After Dark)

Guillermo Amoedo's new film reminds us possession films can still have something new to say.

‘Beautiful Boy’ Review: Timothée Chalamet Provides the Hits In This Hit and Miss Addiction Drama (LFF)

Beautiful Boy feels like a horror movie primarily directed at the parents in its audience.

‘Mid90s’ Review: A Sincere Memory of Youth Run Amuck

We get snuggly as Jonah Hill wraps a warm blanket around his childhood.

‘Shoplifters’ Review: A Beautiful and Unsentimental Family Portrait (FNC)

Koreeda explores family and poverty in this heart-wrenching film.