Category: Reviews

‘Final Score’ Review: Dave Bautista Wins One for the Good Guys

Easily the best sports-related 'Die Hard' knockoff since 'Sudden Death' back in 1995.

‘Greta’ Review: A Wickedly Fun Vehicle For Isabelle Huppert

Neil Jordan's potentially cookie-cutter thriller is elevated by a superb performance from our greatest living actress.

‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Review: Barry Jenkins Delivers Another Masterpiece

A dazzling array of colors and beauty bring this tragedy to life.

‘A Star Is Born’ Review: A Dazzling Debut for Star and Director

Lady Gaga will get the attention, but Bradley Cooper steals the show.

‘First Man’ Review: Spectacle Disguises the Broken Astronaut

One of mankind's greatest achievements unfolds with dazzling special effects that overshadow a disengaging story.

‘Mara’ Review: The Only Thing Keeping You Awake Is Olga Kurylenko

You're not dreaming... it's another mediocre sleep paralysis horror movie.

‘Reprisal’ Review: Come Watch Bruce Willis Wake Up 80 Minutes Into an 89 Minute Movie

Bruce Willis' recent career choices are fascinating. By all accounts he's not hurting for money, but the past five years…

‘The Little Stranger’ Review: A Big Failure in Adaptation

Lenny Abrahamson follows his Oscar nomination for 'Room' with a disappointing drama based on Sarah Waters' novel.

‘The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl’ Review: Taste the Wild Flavor of this Fever Dream

Masaaki Yuasa serves up another uniquely fantastical animated feature.

‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Review: A Reminder That Teen Rom-Coms Can Still Be Fantastic

A sweetly enchanting tale of simple love and overly complicated romance.