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MacGyver Might Be Headed for the Big Screen


There’s good news floating amidst the crowd of 80s rehashes being adapted to films. The fine folks over at Gizmodo are reporting that MacGyver, a man that could take down Jack Bauer one-on-one, is planning an escape from the terrorist holding cell of television and into a theater near you.

Review: Speed Racer


Speed Racer is a movie to experience, not just a movie to watch. It’s a complete package with campy humor, thrilling action sequences, and emotional dramatics – all delivered through the unparalleled visual style of The Wachowski Brothers.

Descent Heads Back Into the Cave


I’ll admit that the girlish (yet manly) scream you heard when Descent hit theaters was probably me. I had the pleasure of seeing it at Butt-Numb-a-Thon 7 in the company of the ideal movie-going audience, and even they were surprised by how high-pitched I could be.

Teresa Palmer Joins (Awesome) Transformers 2 Cast


In news that should excite the inappropriate part of you that likes Michael Bay and gorgeous Australian women, Teresa Palmer – who was cast as Talia Al Ghul in the doomed Justice League: Mortal – has signed on for the (Awesome) Transformers sequel.

Bond Director and 24 Creator Team Up for Spy Flick


I’m bound and gagged. Handcuffed to a chair somewhere in a dark, musty warehouse. Dust is creeping into my lungs, and I miss my stuffed animals, but I managed to intercept a critical piece of news from a source that I refuse to name.

Synecdoche, NY is On The Map


It might not have a rocket-propelled man shooting missiles at tanks or a anthropologist hero taking down Nazis with his whip, but Synecdoche, New York deserves all the buzz it can get.

Mike Judge Headed Back to the Office


Few comedians have gotten the shaft like Mike Judge has. Despite producing a ground-breaking cartoon series in “Beavis and Butthead”, creating another that every single human finds funny with “King of the Hill” and becoming the come-from-behind king with Office Space, Judge still gets no respect.

movies of summer 2008 Dark Knight

The 15 Must-See Movies of Summer 2008


Let’s look back on one of the best movie summers ever with this classic preview of big releases of 2008.

Editor’s Blog: The Evolution of TV or: How I Learned to Love Battlestar Galactica


I have always been a public advocate of not watching too much television. Many who know me have heard the phrase “Watching television is unproductive” escape my lips on more than one occasion. And its true, I have always fronted as an anti-TV, pro-Cinema goon who hypocritically owns a nice HDTV and subscribes to HD cable. It is a terrible element of my life, thus I must seek some retribution.