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Sundance Review: ‘500 Days of Summer’ Steals the Show


Since our arrival in the snowy mountains of Utah I, along with many other temporary transplants from around the world, have been puzzled about one thing: the weather. It has been uncharacteristically warm and sunny in Park City, almost to the point of robbing us of that frigidity that makes it feel like Sundance. No one has been able to explain it, not even the weatherman. At least, not until now.

Sundance Review: ‘Humpday’ is Awkward, Uncomfortable and Absolutely Hysterical


If there is one thing that we can take away from director Lynn Shelton’s awkward sex comedy Humpday, it is that there is nothing more uncomfortable to watch yet strikingly hilarious than two straight men who set out to have sex on camera.

Sundance Review: ‘Toe to Toe’ Shoots and Misses Wide


In general, I have a rule about walking out of movies. I just don’t do it. And while writer/director Emily Abt’s melodramatic soap opera Toe to Toe didn’t have me reaching for acid to pour on my face, it will go down as the first film of Sundance 2009 that had me eying both my watch and the exit door.

Sundance Review: Sam Rockwell Lights Up ‘Moon’


Heading into Moon, the Sam Rockwell led low-budget science fiction film from first time director Duncan Jones, I was both excited and skeptical. It is easy after all, to be skeptical of any low-budget, ambitious science fiction film. Thankfully, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Sundance Blog: Fighting the Cold as the Fest Kicks Off


The idea behind arriving to Park City two days prior to the start of the ’09 Sundance Film Festival was to rest up and get comfortable. Unfortunately, that didn’t exactly happen as planned. However, the movies have begun and Sundance is off to a wonderful start.

Sundance Review: ‘Mary and Max’ Shines on Opening Night


It seems fitting that the 2009 Sundance Film Festival would open with a film like Adam Elliot’s Mary and Max. It is a film festival built on the celebration of unique and innovative films, and in that regard this year’s opening night selection is right at home.

Foreign Objects: Cold Prey (Norway)


Foreign Objects travels the world of international cinema each week to look for films worth visiting. So renew your passport, get your shots, and brush up on the local age of legal consent, this week we’re heading to… Norway!

Sundance Blog: Look Who Showed Up Early to the Party


Sure, the 2009 Sundance Film Festival doesn’t start until Thursday night. I decided to get into town on Tuesday. And while there are no films, that doesn’t mean there aren’t stories to tell.