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Want to Go to The Dark Knight Premiere?


If you’ve got a desperate itch to see The Dark Knight after walking down the red carpet or want to clink champagne glasses with Christian Bale, the fine folks over at Charity Buzz are giving you a great opportunity.

Jason Reitman’s Next is ‘Up in the Air’


It appears that we now know what mysterious book will be the source material for Juno director Jason Reitman’s next film: Walter Kirn’s “Up in the Air”.

W Gets Another Croney


In the News We’re Required By Law To Care About section today, the final piece of the W puzzle fell into place as Toby Jones joined the cast of Oliver Stone’s Bush Biopic.

Michael Moore to Make Fahrenheit 9/12?


That rumbling from the foothills you heard this morning was Michael Moore heading to a press conference where he announced that he’ll be helming a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11 – his 2004 documentary.

Foreign Objects: Inside


Welcome to Foreign Objects, a new weekly review column covering the world of film outside the USA. I know what you’re thinking, ‘They make movies outside of Hollywood?’ The answer is yes.

Lionsgate Will Deliver ‘W’ to Theaters


Lionsgate has picked up Oliver Stone’s new automatically-controversially film W. The studio plans to release the movie on October 17th. That’s right. A movie that doesn’t even have one of its featured characters cast is going to be in theaters in 161 days.

Superbad, Juno Top MTV Nominee List


For a culture inundated with awards shows and general bouts of celebrities patting themselves on the back, it’s nice to see that the MTV Movie Awards is still relevant.

Speed Racer Review – The Wachowskis Want to Make Your Head Hurt


Upon screening Speed Racer, the latest attempt by the brothers Wachowski to push the envelope of technical effects in filmmaking, I can come away with one two clear conclusions. On one hand, I have a headache. On the other hand, I have decided that the Wachowskis are sick, in more ways than I can count.

cop out endings Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers

The 7 Best Movies with Cop Out Endings


In 2008, Scott Beggs celebrated a movie trope responsible for a certain kind of conclusion.