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The Girl With the Draggin’ Franchise

This could be the end for Lisbeth Salander on the big screen.

Moviegoers Say Hold On, Holidays

Another attempt at a 'Nutcracker' movie bites the dust as Queen beats a Disney princess at the box office.

The Phenomenal Box Office Success of Bradley Cooper

'A Star is Born' is the latest smash hit for the movie star who doesn't play by normal movie star…

‘Halloween’ is a Huge Hit

The sequel had the best opening for a slasher movie ever while also breaking another October box office record.

‘Venom’ Has Legs

Sony's latest Marvel movie had one of the superhero genre's best box office holds.

A New Movie Franchise is Born as ‘Venom’ Breaks Box Office Records

Sony's latest comic book movie is now October's biggest release ever.

Kevin Hart is Still the Biggest Movie Star in Comedy

Meanwhile, Tiffany Haddish continues to grow her star power as 'Night School' tops the weekend box office.

A Very Weak Weekend at the Box Office

'Life Itself' and 'Assassination Nation' had two of the worst openings of all time while Michael Moore's latest was his…

Audience Vs. Predator: Requiem

With 'The Predator' underperforming at the box office, perhaps it's time to lay the franchise to rest.

‘The Nun’ Had the Best Opening of the ‘Conjuring’ Franchise

The latest installment of the Conjuring Universe may be its biggest hit yet, but does that mean it’s any good?