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Horror Anthology Segments

10 Most Standout Horror Anthology Segments of All Time


If every horror anthology is a sampling platter then this is the sampling platter to end all sampling platters. Bring a bib.

Best Friday The 13Th Kills

10 Best ‘Friday the 13th’ Kills


Jason’s been a busy bastard.

Best Horror Blockbusters

10 Best Horror Movie Blockbusters


Don’t try to tell us original horror movies don’t make any money.

Best Tobe Hooper Horror Movies

10 Best Tobe Hooper Horror Movies


We break down the artistry and imagination the Hoopster sowed into every horror film he made.

Best Horror Movie One Liners

10 Most Quotable Horror Movie One-Liners


Yeah, we can’t believe that iconic line you love from that movie didn’t make the cut either.

Underrated 2010s Horror

10 Underrated Horror Movies from the 2010s That Rule, Actually


Even in modern times, horror films don’t always get the respect they deserve. Let’s change that.

Fantastic Fest Poster

The 12 Most Anticipated Films of Fantastic Fest 2022


Fantastic Fest hopes chaos will finally reign again!

Best Action Movies of 2022 So Far

The Best Action Movies of 2022 (So Far)


An unranked list including the year’s best action movie and nine others that aren’t ‘RRR.’