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Oscar-Nominated Shorts of 2023

8 Great Oscar-Nominated Shorts of 2023 (and How to Watch Them)


We curate animated, documentary, and live action shorts for your viewing pleasure.

Best Movie Scores of 2022

The Best Movie Scores of 2022


Join us as we count down the 15 best movie scores from 2022, another great year for film music.

Critic's Picks Best Movies of 2022

Critic’s Picks: The Best Movies of 2022


From blockbusters to box-office bombs, these are the best films of the year according to our chief film critic.

The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies of 2022

The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies of 2022


This year’s best films featured clones, time travelers, superheroes (but not too many), multiverse hoppers, and werefolk

Best Non-English Language Films of 2022

The Best Non-English Language Films of 2022

By , and  

From a stoic donkey to circus “freaks” battling the Nazis, here are best non-English language films of 2022.

Best Breakout Performances 2022

The Best Breakout Performances of 2022

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Keep an eye on these folks, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them.

Best Tv Scenes 2022

The Best TV Scenes of 2022


The best TV scenes of 2022 were complex, profound, and anchored by some of the greatest small-screen performances in recent memory.

New Filmmakers 2022

The Most Interesting New Filmmakers We Met in 2022


These new filmmakers intrigued us, and we’re itching for their sophomores. No slumps allowed.

Best Video Essays 2022

The Best Video Essays of 2022


Sit back, relax: you might learn something.