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The Clone Wars Aims to Attract Young, Female Fans


The producer and director of Stars Wars: The Clone Wars got access to George Lucas’s personal character files and went wild, creating a whole new universe with some familiar faces.

Comic-Con: Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons Talk Watchmen


The original co-creator and the man at the helm of the film adaptation gave us a look at the philosophy that went into creating a movie that everyone said couldn’t be made.

Spaced Crew Talks Star Wars, Sitcom History, and Illegal Downloading


Spaced is a popular BBC show from a few years back, and it is not science fiction. Did you think it was? Fool. We talk to the show’s stars and find out just what it is.

Comic-Con Report: The Watchmen Get Deep Into Character


After seeing the extended footage earlier, and hearing the way these actors approached this film – like a passion project that happened to be backed by millions of dollars -Cole Abaius is even more sold on how fantastic Watchmen is going to be.

Max Payne Shifts Into the Supernatural at Comic-Con


Nothing could stop our Rob Hunter from getting to the interviews for Max Payne, not even a clustered up press event. That said, this movie might actually kick some ass.

Twilight at Comic-Con: Catherine Hardwicke Wants to Do ‘New Moon’


Our very own Cole Abaius sits down with Stephenie Meyer, Catherine Hardwicke, Robert Pattinson from Twilight. No, he didn’t make a fool of himself. That bad.

Director Brad Anderson Talks About Delivering an Authentic Hitchcockian Experience with Transsiberian


Some say that M. Night Shyamalan is the modern day Hitchcock. I would contend that few directors can control the pace and suspense of a film like Hitchcock, one of them being Transsiberian director Brad Anderson.

The Love Guru: Myers, Timberlake, and Troyer… Yes, That’s Weird


We spent some with Guru Pitka, aka Mike Myers, as well as Justin Timberlake and Verne Troyer at the press junket for The Love Guru. Find out what we learned inside, and don’t write off this film!

Get Smart Director Peter Segal Talks To Film School Rejects


As part of our Spy Week, check out the Film School Rejects sit-down interview with Get Smart director Peter Segal, who talked to us about spies, Steve Carell, and Shazam!